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In our project space at Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 in the city center of Vienna, we are showcasing our latest artist collaborations on exclusive editions and work series. We are also inviting international artists to exhibit with us on a project basis. 

Many of the international artists we have worked with have been introduced  by us to the Austrian art public for the very first time.

Current Show

Peter Jellitsch Artifacts Of The Future

Artifacts of the Future
Peter Jellitsch

9 – 17 JUL 2020 (new dates)
Wed – Sat, 12-18h
or by appointment (until 22 AUG)

Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 (3rd floor)
1010 Vienna

Peter Jellitsch’s artistic interest moves between the digital and analog world. Artifacts of the Future was inspired by an earlier work cycle of his which deals with cellular network antennas disguised as palm trees as they occur in some parts of the world. The artist first came across the principle of fake palm trees which imitate the surrounding vegetation to blend into the streetscape during a residency in Los Angeles in 2014.

His encounter with these absurd replicas prepared the ground for a series of works by the title Palm Tree Antennas that featured details palms organized as rasterized patterns. These ink drawings of palm trees are representative of the fact that our lives are becoming increasingly digitalized and more and more based on data transmission.

To the degree that we are relying on technology to enhance or enable our lives, technology is increasingly entering our sphere of lives in the form of organic experiences. This phenomenon is making it more and more difficult to discern technology from our real lives.

In LA as in other parts of the world such as Morocco palm trees are becoming enablers to lead our lives, which to Peter Jellitsch is particularly absurd as a palm tree can be argued as being throughout useless, as a highly water-consuming plant in desert geographies and as a tree they hardly provide any shade.

Peter Jellitsch’s edition Artifacts of the Future is a continuation of the question of objective and subjective reality, a question that the American author Philip K. Dick had already made a topic in his widely acclaimed Sci-Fi novels. It is one that is increasingly imposing itself on our lives in the 21st century. In the not-too-distant future, innovations in information science and biotechnology will affect humanity in unprecedented ways and technology will be impossible to separate from organic matter.

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