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In our project space at Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 in the city center of Vienna, we are showcasing our latest artist collaborations on exclusive editions and work series. We are also inviting international artists to exhibit with us on a project basis. 

Many of the international artists we have worked with have been introduced  by us to the Austrian art public for the very first time.

Current Show

04 show FJK R Schumann J Niesche

Regine Schumann I Jonny Niesche

5 – 26 SEP 2020
Wed – Sat, 12-18h
or by appointment

Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 (3rd floor)
1010 Vienna

Transition kicks off Collectors Agenda’s autumn exhibition program presenting two international contemporary positions, Regine Schumann and Jonny Niesche, whose work is moving between dramatic radiance and minimalist purity. The show explores the artists’ interest in transitionary movement, the change of state from one to another and the associated atmospheric transformation through color, light and space. It is the first time the two artists are showing together.

Regine Schumann (*1961 in Goslar, Germany) focuses on light effects caused by fluorescent materials. Her materials include colored UV-light reactive Plastilight-chords and different colored acrylic panels, which she composes into complex color spaces in accordance to Goethe's theory of colors. Her works change their glow depending on the daylight situation. But it is really when illuminated in UV light that her light-boxes undergo a drastic transformation of color and spatiality, moving into a totally different color palette. Despite the intense and radiant character of her works, Schumann does not go for the spectacular. Moreover, she is concerned with the positive and meditative effect that art can have on people.

The works of Jonny Niesche (*1972, Australia) pursue similar themes. Like Schumann's light sculptures, Niesches paintings, sculptures, and installations wrestle with the perceptions of color, surface, and spatiality and, in doing so, they excert an equally meditative effect. What all his works have in common is that they seek to createdeep spatial experiences for the mind to become free and quiet to just “be”, a personal moment of “performative contemplation” as Niesche calls it.

In the practice of both Schumann and Niesche the clarity of form gives enormous space to color, and vice-versa. Clearly both artists hold an appreciation for the great pioneers of light art such as Dan Flavin, Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Keith Sonnier or James Turrell. Unlike some of the aforementioned artists, whose work may appear rather static and monumental, the works by Schumann and Niesche however seem to be relying rather on dynamic experience as they are subject to constant change.

Besides borrowed larger-scale works, the exhibition features two new smaller-scale series of unique works from 2020 by Regine Schumann and Jonny Nieschewhich have been exclusively created by the artists for Collectors Agenda.

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