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In our project space at Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 in the city center of Vienna, we are showcasing our latest artist collaborations on exclusive editions and work series. We are also inviting international artists to exhibit with us on a project basis. 

Many of the international artists we have worked with have been introduced  by us to the Austrian art public for the very first time.

Current Show

Show Fjk Toni R Toivonen Madness Invited 4

Toni R. Toivonen: Madness Invited

13 SEP – 12 OCT 2019
Tue – Sat, 12-18h

Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 (3rd floor)
1010 Vienna

We are pleased to introduce the work of Toni R. Toivonen in cooperation with Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki and the Finland Institute, Berlin. 

The artist (*1987, Helsinki) who has already received much acclaim in his home country is best known for his gold hued brass works, which are created by arranging animal carcasses on brass plates and oxidizing the brass through the process of decay. 

However, what may be considered grotesque or even macabre should not be interpreted as a disregard or even abuse of the creature, but rather as an attempt to draw a peaceful and graceful picture of that “last presence” left behind by a living being. 

Not unlike Herrmann Nitsch, Toivonen understands his works as a kind of preservation of something "that has happened". In addition, Toivonen's works reveal a deep fascination with the reality of matter, even in a painterly context. 

The exhibition is a part of Vienna Design Week’s program calendar, 27/9 –6/10, with Finland being the festival’s guest country this year.

In addition to 14 small-format brass works, the film Heavy by Theo Bat Schandorff, a 50-minute semi-documentary film about Toni R. Toivonen's “absurd world” and artistic process will be shown on two dates during the exhibition. 

Wed 2 October 16h
Thu 3 October 16h

We kindly ask for registrations in advance at hello@collectorsagenda.com
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