Walter Niedermayr – »Bildraum P 28/2007«


Walter Niedermayr
»Bildraum P 28/2007«

02 Wniedermayr Bildraum P28

Diptych, two photographs framed in aluminium

Format: 30 x 38 cm (11.8 x 15 inches), installed: 30,2 x 78,4 cm (11,9 x 30,9 inches)
Edition of 10 + 3 AP

Signed and numbered by the artist. Includes the catalog Remixed, signed by PAUHOF architects, Hauser and the artist. Frames should be installed at 2 cm (0.8 inches) distance from each other.

2.000 Euro

Excludes 13% VAT. Please contact us for shipping options, and for pricing in other currencies.

»Bildraum P 28/2007«

Walter Niedermayr (*1952 in Bozen, South Tirol) is regarded as one of Europe's greatest contemporary art photographers. He is famous for his photographic series of alpine landscapes with a distinctive reduced color density. Since 1985, Walter Niedermayr has worked on projects, in which he explores spaces populated and shaped by people. Alpine regions and urban spaces, architecture and industrial sites, but also prisons and hospitals, are a subject of his artistic investigation.

His edition Bildraum P 28/2007 shows the interior of a house in Bozen (Italy), designed by architectural office PAUHOF. Niedermayr maintains a long-standing friendship with architects Michael Hofstätter and Wolfgang Pauzenberger, which has inspired common projects.

03 Wniedermayr Bildraum P28

Art and Architecture can be interpreted as a form of expression how humankind asserts itself in a certain environment, and the challenges it implies. 

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