Werner Schrödl – »Candela«, 2016


Werner Schrödl
»161 candela«

01 Wschroedl Candela

C-print mounted on 2 mm aludibond, framed with anti-reflective museum glass

Format: 60 × 90 cm (23.6 x 35.4 inches)

Edition of 10 + 3 AP

Signed and numbered by the artist. Includes Snooky Games, published at Verlag für Moderne Kunst. © BAI

1.500 Euro

Includes 20% VAT. Please contact us for shipping options, and for pricing in other currencies.

»161 candela«, 2016

Werner Schrödl's (*1971 in Attnang-Puchheim, Austria) photographic work has its beginning in the second half of the nineties. "The artist interprets photography as medium to challenge visual conventions, to manipulate and to shift our perspective on what we perceive as reality. The photo print is not a purely objective time window, that is frozen, but a constructed condition of what is possible. He allows moments of irritation, of mystery and the uncanny to enter imaginary pictorial spaces." Florian Steininger

BAI Bauträger Austria Immobilien have adopted one of Werner Schrödl's subjects titled 161 candela for its campaign Ideas require space. The edition shows a staged scene outside the City of Vienna and has been kindly provided by BAI.

03 Wschroedl Candela

Fotos: courtesy of BAI

Werner Schrödl website
BAI website

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Art and Architecture can be interpreted as a form of expression how humankind asserts itself in a certain environment, and the challenges it implies. 

We have put together a series of artworks by international artists, who explore and reinterpret this interplay from different perspectives, for the »100 Häuser« magazine in the form of a limited edition. As the only German-speaking magazine »100 Häuser« presents the diversity of country-specific building culture. 100 projects by 100 architects provide a multifaceted overview of the different designs and diverse distinctive elements of a country.

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