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We are always looking to team up with partners that share our passion for contemporary art and contemporary lifestyle. And we believe that involvement of brands doesn't necessarily compromise the quality of our editorial content and diminish the value to our readers, as long as it is keeping with our principles.

We offer our content partners opportunities to associate their brand with the timeless, personable stories we create on Collectors Agenda, and help them reach out to a diverse international audience of creative and culturally aware people. Together with partners, we craft editorial pieces and content formats in the domain of art, creativity, design and contemporary culture, which both excite our readers and are in line with our partners' communication needs.

All created content is hosted on collectorsagenda.com, either integrated as content pieces into one of our own editorial formats, or as part of a dedicated branded content section, and regularly amplified through our weekly newsletter and social media channels. All content is made available to our partners for their own use.

Collectors Agenda complements conventional communication measures as a media partner to cultural events, by developing specific new content and reportage formats, and by preparing existing content for to be syndicated in our social media channels.


Verlag für moderne Kunst has been one of the top addresses internationally for high-quality publications, topical discourse and the protagonists in contemporary art for over 40 years. Besides established artists, the Verlag für moderne Kunst also accompanies artists at the beginning of their career.

Larry’s List is the world’s leading art collector knowledge company, providing data, research and access to contemporary art collectors. The Larry’s List Art Collector Database contains over 3,400 profiles of art collectors from more than 70 countries – based on the most comprehensive research ever done on art collectors. It is a practical tool for professionals and art enthusiasts presenting a detailed and comprehensive portrait of today’s contemporary art collector scene.

Other partners include galleries, cultural event organizers, cultural institutions, and brands with an affinity and commitment to art and culture.

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