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Lúa Coderch

Barcelona, Spain

In the Studio

We believe that, by talking to an artist in a casual way, one is able to better understand and appreciate an artist's work and way of thinking. 

In our series In the Studio we document our talks with emerging artists, as well as those already well established on the international art scene. We meet them in the personal atmosphere of their workspace, in which we talk about their work and learn about the projects they are pursuing. Most importantly, we get to know them as persons, who inspire us with their particular awareness of the world.

Moisés Cosío

Larry's List in Mexico City, Mexico

»To understand art was a way for me to understand the world«

Collector Stories
Larry's List x Collectors Agenda

From design to art, magazines to furniture, haven't we all experienced the powerful attraction collecting exerts on us? Aren't we, in a way, all collectors today? 

In Collector Stories we meet a new generation of collectors and established art connoisseurs in the intimate environment of their home to tell the personal stories behind their collection and to learn about what role art plays in their life.

Andreas Duscha

»For my mother« (2017)

Edition of 12 unique pieces

Time and again we publish Limited Editions of high value with the artists we meet. The purchase of an artwork in the form of an edition represents an attractive way for people interested in art and newcomers to the art scene of laying the foundation for one's own significant art collection, which may mark the beginning of a new passion.

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