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Marina Sula

Vienna, Austria

»We want to be desired, not covet anything or anyone.«

In the Studio

We believe there is no better way to get acquainted with contemporary art practice and develop a feel for all the great art out there than to be talking to the artists themselves. Artists have a great capacity to see the world in new ways and as such can be a source of inspiration to us all. 

In our In the Studio stories, we met important emerging and internationally established artists to listen to them explain their artistic concern and way of working in their own words. We want to know whether they have a specific agenda how their work should be perceived, and what makes them come to the studio every day. Last but not least, we also want to get to know them better as people.

Franz Wojda

Vienna/Burgenland, Austria

“Art made me see that actually very little is needed.”

Collector Stories

We believe that you don't need a Donald Judd or Picasso on your walls to call yourself a collector. Everyone with a love for art, a keen interest and a discerning eye can start a collection, irrespective of the size of her or his wallet. 

In our Collector Stories we meet both young and seasoned collectors in the privacy of their homes, listening to their personal story why and how they chose to live with art, where they find art that excites them – and what advice they can give to people who are just discovering the passion for art.

Sophia Pompéry

»Worlds« (small Germany)

Edition of 12 + 2 AP

On a regular basis we enter into collaborations with emerging and established artists internationally, typically preceded by a studio visit for our magazine's editorial.

We believe that editions are a great and affordable way of developing a closer relationship with contemporary art and to potentially start a collection of one's own. 

In order to provide more value to our customers we focus in our editions program on multiples in particularly low numbers and work series of unique pieces or edition numbers with an individual character.

Erik Nordenhake

Stockholm, Sweden

“Art is a ticket to a scene filled with creative, crazy and glamorous people.”

Collector Stories
Nordic Notes

The scene for contemporary art in Europe’s North is expanding and developing new dynamics as international collectors are watching the scene. With Nordic Notes we regularly cast the eye on the Nordic art and cultural scene, portraying its important actors.

Nordic S

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