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Nikolaus Gansterer

Vienna, Austria

»How can something be recorded and materialized that is in itself quite ephemeral?«

In the Studio

In our In the Studio series we document our talks with much-discussed emerging and internationally well-established artists.

Franz Wojda

Vienna/Burgenland, Austria

»Art made me see that actually very little is needed«

Collector Stories

In our Collector Stories series we meet young aspiring and established collectors in the privacy of their homes, listening to the personal stories behind their collection, and to learn about what role art plays in their lives.

Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek


Edition of 9 + 1 AP

Time and again we publish Limited Editions of high value with the artists we meet. The purchase of an artwork in the form of an edition represents an attractive way for people interested in art and newcomers to the art scene of laying the foundation for one's own significant art collection, which may mark the beginning of a new passion.

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