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»To collect is an Attitude, a Voice and a Dream.«

Collectors Agenda is a digital art platform, a printed magazine, and a project space downtown Vienna, Austria.

Online we create timeless insightful stories with much-discussed artists and other actors in the art world in an easy-to-read copy style, that aims for inclusiveness avoiding the typical ’art speak’.

By that, we bring a fresh approach to the landscape of art journalism, broadening the appeal of art discussions, beyond the inner circles of the art scene, and extending it to creative and open-minded people as the new generation of potential art collectors.

Collectors Agenda's team and international network of correspondents in Vienna, Berlin, London, New York and other art capitals draws on diverse backgrounds and professional qualifications in the fields of cultural management, marketing, design, publishing, blogging and journalism.

Our publication The Collectors Chronicle is an art magazine in a tabloid format that draws largely on our web content and appears several times during the year to coincide with art fairs and biennials.

In our project space at Vienna’s Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, we shows editions and work series that have emerged from exclusive collaborations with Austrian and international artists. Many international artists are being introduced by Collectors Agenda to the Austrian art scene that way for the very first time.

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