Collecting is an Attitude, a Voice and a Dream.

Collectors Agenda explores contemporary culture through the lens of art, design and collecting. Our content is timeless, personable and inclusive of a diverse audience of creative and culturally aware people.

Our primary goal is to showcase the passion behind art and its potential to expand our view of the world. 

Collectors Agenda's team and network of correspondents in Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, and London draws on diverse backgrounds and professional qualifications in the fields of cultural management, marketing, design, publishing, blogging and journalism.

In our Journal we tell stories of people, who have made contemporary art and culture a part of their life. They are creators, collectors or in another way actors on the international creative scene. As part of Collector Stories we meet a new generation of collectors and established art connoisseurs in the intimate environment of their home. Our series In the Studio tells of encounters with artists in their workspaces, where we get to know them as special persons, who inspire us with a different awareness of the world.

Our Journal is constantly expanding by new editorial formats, some of them created in cooperation with content partners, to cover related topics in the field of art, culture, design, creativity and contemporary culture at large.

Often, the opportunity arises to create Limited Editions of high value with the artists we meet. The purchase of an artwork in the form of an edition represents an attractive way for people interested in art and newcomers to the art scene of laying the foundation for one's own significant art collection, which may mark the beginning of a new passion.

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