Judith Fegerl »full spectrum«

14 j fegerl a duscha power harvest

Judith Fegerl, full spectrum 06, 2022

Brass, copper plated by solar energy
40 x 30 cm
Series of 8 unique works

1.800 Euro

Includes 13% VAT. Please contact us for shipping options, and for pricing in other currencies.

full spectrum, 2022

To create her iridescent series of works, titled full spectrum, Judith Fegerl coats brass plates with copper in an electroplating bath, unleashing a process that is difficult to control as it is driven mainly by the sun. The electrical energy required for the copper plating process is furnished directly by a number of solar panels installed at the artist's studio windows.

Solar radiation thus feeds and regulates the process of the image formation, over which the artist has to release her own power to create. The results are defined yet varying circular shapes at each panel's centre that may remind of the Black Hole Sun as sung by Soundgarden (1994).

Judith Fegerl, full spectrum 02, 2022

Judith Fegerl, full spectrum 06, 2022

Judith Fegerl, full spectrum 05, 2022

Judith Fegerl, full spectrum 01, 2022

Judith Fegerl

Judith Fegerl (*1977, Vienna) makes energy and voltage visible. Her sculptures and installations are charged when exhibited; they have previously undergone a process reacting to currents of electricity, by which Fegerl hands over the greater part of the responsibility in that creational process to electro-chemical reactions.

More recently, Fegerl has been employing alternative sources of energy to power or manipulate her works, with a focus on photovoltaic panels she explores their aesthetic qualities and much more so, their societal and geo-political dimension.

04 Judith Fegerl

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