Edin Zenun »Taking Cuts«

Ed01 edin zenun taking cuts

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 1/10 (2023)

Black ink, hand-torn cotton paper
ca 14.8 x 10.5 cm

Series of 10 unique works

900 Euro

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Taking Cuts (2023)

Edin Zenun uses hand-made and roughly torn China paper for the ink drawings of Taking Cuts (2023). Reminiscent of calligraphic structures or blotches as they occur in Rorschach tests, the black and white drawings seem to move on the borders of the figurative or at least of the associative. It soon becomes apparent, that they refer to each other by picking up elements from each other, multiplying, reducing or amplifying them.

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 1/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 2/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 3/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 4/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 5/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 6/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 7/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 8/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 9/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun, Taking Cuts 10/10 (2023)

Edin Zenun

In his poetic and gestural-musical painting, Edin Zenun (*1987, Skopje) poses the question of the ideal composition in the interplay of form and color. He devotes great attention to the materiality of color, experimenting with hand-made pigments, oil, and clay. His paintings move between abstraction and figuration, whereby the desire to create something new from existing or familiar elements becomes recognizable as one of the driving forces of his artistic productivity. He draws on Jacques Derrida's theory of "hauntology" – a notion that concerns the reappearance or enduring presence of certain elements, reminiscent of lingering remnants, or ghosts, from times gone by. Although he considers this return to the past misleading and even unhealthy, discrepancies between idea and reality open up possibilities for discovery that flow into his work.

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H Edin Zenun c Maximilian Pramatarov

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