John Skoog »Walls«

Th Jskoog Walls Neu

Hand-scanned wall parts, laser-printed on 120g blueback paper,
white-glazed box frame of maple wood
47,6 x 28 cm (18.7 x 11 inches)
Edition of 11 unique works (+ 1 AP each)

650 Euro

Includes 13% VAT. Please contact us for shipping options, and for pricing in other currencies.

06 Jskoog John Skoog limited-release art edition (Rift 1) South Wall

Hand-scanned wall parts, laser-printed on 120g blueback paper, mounted in white-glazed box frame of maple wood, by German frame manufacturer Halbe.

Walls, 2015

Reduit (Redoubt) 2014, the film with which the artist won the prestigious Baloise Art Prize, tells of the relationship between a personal fate and a historical situation, and between the broad scope of landscape and existential angst. It is based on the true story of a farmer who used metal scrap to transform his straw hut into a fortress in response to a warning concerning the possibility of a Soviet invasion issued by the Swedish government during the Cold War.

Composed of bulky, successive layers of concrete and wooden beams over a straw hut frame and replete with all kinds of readymade materials and refuse such as bicycle parts and bed frames salvaged and repurposed, the construction was meant as a community refuge from a looming Soviet invasion. Now, in weathered condition, it stands as a monument, as a tourist attraction and monolithic eyesore.

To produce his edition Walls, consisting of eleven unique pieces, Skoog and his brothers tried to document the various walls of the bunker in a cloak-and-dagger operation. Initial attempts to photograph the walls did not meet Skoog's ideas. Using a simple handscanner they scanned strip by strip the walls and laid the inclusions freely in the concrete.

01 John Skoog limited-release art edition (Rift 1) South Wall; (Rift 2) North Wall; (Rift 3) South Wall

from left to right: (Rift 1) South Wall; (Rift 2) North Wall; (Rift 3) South Wall

02 John Skoog limited-release art edition (Rift 4) East Wall; (Rift 5) North Wall; (Rift 6) East Wall

from left to right: (Rift 4) East Wall; (Rift 5) North Wall; (Rift 6) East Wall

03 John Skoog limited-release art edition (Rift 7) West Wall; (Rift 8) East Wall; (Rift 9) West Wall

from left to right: (Rift 7) West Wall; (Rift 8) East Wall; (Rift 9) West Wall

04 John Skoog limited-release art edition (Rift 10) South Wall; (Rift 11) East Wall

from left to right: (Rift 10) South Wall; (Rift 11) East Wall

John Skoog

In his photographic, film and video works John Skoog (*1985 in Kvidinge, Sweden) combines historical and everyday historical research with a poetic and fictional atmosphere that is grounded in the cinematic and literary tradition of Scandinavian modernism. At Art Basel, he was awarded the prestigious Baloise Art Prize for his video Reduit (Redoubt) in 2014. From 2007 to 2012, he studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, 2010 at the Malmö Art Academy from 2005 to 2006, the Academy of Photography, University of Gothenburg. John Skoog lives and works in Frankfurt am Main and Maglaby, Sweden.

05 John Skoog, Swedish artist and Baloise Art Prize winner

Courtesy the artist

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